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CHASING CHAGA – The immune boosting superfood

By Oscar De Los Santos – Medicine Man   Any nature enthusiast knows the importance of making fire as a basic survival skill. Finding a resourceful way to burn embers, produce heat and cook meals was a milestone in our evolution, and like any worthwhile discovery, a certain portion of trial and error was required. Enter the discovery of a rather odd looking, but uniquely beneficial form of fungus, called Chaga. Though not much to look at, Chaga was identified rather quickly as having the ability to both readily take a spark and to make an ember, immediately catching...

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TROUT POINT LODGE – Bed & Breakfast Hot Spot

Trout Point Lodge, located in the heart of the Tobeatic Wilderness in southwestern Nova Scotia, offers luxury, adventure, travel and eco-tourism vacations to suit any budget. Beautifully isolated 40 minutes from the Yarmouth International Ferry Terminal featuring daily service to and from Portland, Maine and 3 hours from cosmopolitan Halifax, Trout Point is the quintessential wilderness lodge & nature retreat. If you are a fan of the great outdoors and Mother Nature, then this is truly the spot for you. Enjoying the Canadian backwoods and the country’s east coast has never been more breathtaking, and each day you spend...

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By Brie Jarrett – Dundas, ON   On the lush, verdant, and fertile slopes of the Cowichan Valley, deep in the heart of a region called Westholme, a new chapter in Canadian history is quite literally growing. This picturesque region of Vancouver Island, BC., is known for a great many things, but perhaps its greatest claim to fame may have just been discovered. Rising out of the hillside and surrounding valley, like a silent army of tiny soldiers, are over eight-hundred plants, the likes of which this country has never seen. These are the fabled grounds of the Westholme...

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SPIRIT RIDGE AT NK’MIP RESORT – A tribute to culture and heritage

By Susan Mate – Calgary, AB   With its red clay hills, pockets of sagebrush and abundance of wild horses and rattlesnakes, Canada’s only Aboriginal-owned resort and winery blends seamlessly into its desert surroundings. Tucked among vast tracts of manicured vineyards overlooking Osoyoos Lake, Spirit Ridge at Nk’Mip Resort could easily pass as Sedona, Sonoma or part of Washington’s Columbia Valley. The afternoon sun is typically hot and lingers long and high above the colourful ado-be-style suites nestled at the slope of Anarchist Mountain on Osoyoos First Nations land. This resort is where the Osoyoos First Nation first entered...

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HGTV’S PAUL LAFRANCE – Looking past the storm in our lives to gain some perspective

By HGTV STAR Paul Lafrance   I’ve been in the midst of a storm lately. The kind of storm that spits out down- bursts and funnel clouds like a little kid trying dad’s chewing tobacco, that makes you thank God you’re not in a boat; or makes you beg for mercy if you are. I’m sure everyone can relate to these kinds of storms. We all know what it feels like to be so blasted by the winds and rains of life, to lose focus, to lose direction, and to lose ourselves. There are countless stories of how powerful...

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