CHASING CHAGA – The immune boosting superfood

By Oscar De Los Santos – Medicine Man   Any nature enthusiast knows the importance of making fire as a basic survival skill. Finding a resourceful way to burn embers, produce heat and cook meals was a milestone in our evolution, and like any worthwhile discovery, a certain portion of trial and error was required. Enter the discovery of a rather odd looking, but uniquely beneficial form of fungus, called Chaga. Though not much to look at, Chaga was identified rather quickly as having the ability to both readily take a spark and to make an ember, immediately catching...

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By Brie Jarrett – Dundas, ON   On the lush, verdant, and fertile slopes of the Cowichan Valley, deep in the heart of a region called Westholme, a new chapter in Canadian history is quite literally growing. This picturesque region of Vancouver Island, BC., is known for a great many things, but perhaps its greatest claim to fame may have just been discovered. Rising out of the hillside and surrounding valley, like a silent army of tiny soldiers, are over eight-hundred plants, the likes of which this country has never seen. These are the fabled grounds of the Westholme...

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By Cassidy Tonkin – Acton, ON   Moments after the sound of her voice begins to fill the air, a wave of emotion travels from the depths of your soul to the surface of your skin. It’s the voice that brings you to your knees and forces your mind’s eye to relive those really significant moments that we all experience throughout our lifetime. It’s the voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin’s rawness, mixed with the intricate and smooth sounds of Heart, but you somehow know that this is the unique voice of singer/songwriter Robin Benedict. Admittedly a late bloomer to...

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By Renaldo Amato – Thorold, ON   When you first meet Jace Martin, it is difficult to get a read on him. He seems distracted, distant, maybe even a little aloof. But the longer you sit with him, the longer you talk and engage in conversation, you begin to discover that these character traits are simply just an energetic pairing of his humility combined with a palpable passion for his craft. What I had mistaken for an air of distance or indifference, had instead revealed itself as a man lost in his own world, a soul truly encapsulated by...

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By Candice Klein – Waterdown, ON Michael Fifield is certainly not your Average Joe! With twelve years of landscaping and outdoor design experience under his belt, it wouldn’t be a mistake to call him an expert in the field. Fifield started his career with Bowering Gardens in 2004, and has called the award-winning company home ever since. Over the years, his position has changed from young apprentice to seasoned foreman, currently overseeing hardscape projects and working closely with new clientele to design stunning properties. Bowering Gardens took root in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 2002, and was founded by the hardworking and kind Mark Bowering. When listening to Fifield talk about his...

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By John Rigg- Burlington, On   If you’re a child of the 1980s, you are no doubt aware of the term bonsai. The Karate Kid risked his life to save one from the bottom of a treacherous pit (in one of the worst movie sequels ever), and Mr. Miyagi screamed it at the top of his lungs whenever he wanted Daniel Son to hit something. What you may not know, is that the ancient art of bonsai care goes back to the dawn of time, and is a testament to the love of, and for, trees. The art of...

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